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Preparing for Fishbowl 2017

Preparing for Fishbowl 2017 Every new “year” release of Fishbowl has included some massive changes. This year is no different, and we have a big change to talk about: MySQL. Here is what is changing, in the following areas Infrastructure, Fixes, and Features. Changes Infrastructure Database Engine Changing from Firebird SQL to MySQL. See “What […]

Fishbowl 2017 Audit Table List

As of 2/6/2017 this is the Fishbowl Audit Table List, audit tables are suffixed with “_AUD” . For example, the Sales Order table is “SO” its Audit Table is “SO_AUD”.  When we have more information about using Audit Tables we will update this post with new information. Example Query: select * from so_aud Tables TABLE_NAME […]