Who We Are

Israel Lopez Consulting (“ILC”), founded in 2013, is owned and operated by Israel “Izzy” Lopez, who has over 11 years of experience with Fishbowl Inventory. Israel’s hallmark is not only his technical acumen but his wide-ranging skill set across various business operations. He is a capable software professional who not only knows specialty software (Fishbowl Inventory, QuickBooks Pro, NetSuite, etc.), but also is highly experienced with ERP systems (that function across multiple departments), custom programming, and is very familiar with the logistical/supply-chain aspects of growing companies. This gives Israel and his team a distinct advantage in helping you better streamline your processes and make more revenue.

Not only do we believe in doing the right thing for our customers, but giving back to the community as well. In the past, Israel has personally donated his time to Engineers Without Borders as both a technology lead and an IT Coordinator, helping educators and students in Honduras and Malawi to better utilize technology for more effective learning. On behalf of ILC, we also donate to various charities around the world, selected by a different team member each week.

What We Do

We work with Fishbowl InventoryQuickBooks, and a host of other applications that drive many of today’s modern businesses. With an outsider’s eye and a skilled, reasoned demeanor, ILC helps small, medium, and large businesses grow and make more revenue with streamlined processes, custom software applications, on-site consulting, Fishbowl Inventory training, and much more!

In addition, should you have issues with custom reporting and the “rules” imposed by outside entities (UPS, FedEx, business partners, etc), our team can handle them all… even if it means custom coding a solution. You can count on us to deliver a software solution to fit just about any business need!

Whether you have 5 employees or 50, make $1 million or $100 million in revenue, the problems are all the same. Call us today to see how we can improve various aspects of your business and discover solutions beyond ERP.

Our Core Values

All Heart

Whatever we undertake, we need to do it with intention. It needs to be done carefully, deliberately, and, in the end, we need to do our best.

For Humanity

Whatever we do, we are doing it for a person or a group of people. We do not write software for a computer, we do it for the person using the computer.


We are not afraid of doing something new, leading ourselves, our team, the client, and the market. We celebrate creativity. We aim to be the first to develop new ideas into solutions, products, and strategy.

The ILC Difference

A Vision for Business

We believe there is no issue too big for a solution that supports your vision. ILC gets to know your business and the unique vision behind it as well as develop the courage for you to run it as efficiently as possible.

Streamlined Processes

From plugin solutions to custom Android apps to creating a deskless workforce, we will work with you to iron out any and all kinks in your processes and improve workflows from the office to the warehouse.

On-Site Consulting

We don’t just work on-site with clients within the United States. Whether your business resides in Australia, Haiti, or anywhere else in the world, we can travel to your country to deliver custom business solutions.

Trust and Transparency

Many current and prospective and clients discover how straightforward and transparent we are. We’re honest about whether or not you need that service or product (even if it’s ours) to improve your business.

Get In Touch

We are available Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM U.S. Pacific Standard Time.


Mailing Address

 100 Spectrum Center Drive #900, Irvine, CA, 92618