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Increased Efficiency
Resolve Workflow Bottlenecks
Reduce Overhead

Custom Software Development is something Israel Lopez Consulting is well-known for. Whether it is developing a custom solution to assist with software you already own or developing a custom application to make any process faster or circumvent an issue, you can rely on us!

Hardware issues are a particular specialty of ours. RFID, USB scales, wireless issues, printers, and other peripherals… if it has hardware, we can code against it (or for it!). We primarily work with C# and Java which are incredibly flexible and widely deployable.

Our custom-coded solutions are typically enterprise focused. This means we write applications that solve business problems and processes, save companies time, or similar. Often, a company comes to us with a statement request, something like “it would be excellent if we could do X with data Y after process Z happens,” and we go about writing the code to make that happen.

Our custom applications promote efficiency, save money, and make companies work better. Often, we combine this coding ability with our other services (ERP worksolutions consulting, etc.), making Israel Lopez Consulting a capable solutions provider.

We can solve business bottlenecks with custom software solutions, alleviate your software and hardware compatibility issues, promote internal efficiency, and ultimately improve your bottom-line.

Just give us a shout, and we will do the rest.

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