Free Inventory Forecasting Software with GMDH Streamline for Fishbowl Inventory

Free Inventory Forecasting Software with GMDH Streamline for Fishbowl Inventory

In this video we talk about how you can download and try advanced Inventory Forecasting software, for free.


About GMDH Software

GMDH Software Homepage Retrieved July 2018.

GMDH Software Homepage Retrieved July 2018.

GMDH Software is a software company in New York, they develop advanced demand planning, inventory forecasting, and stock market prediction software using the “GMDH” methods.  GMDH stands for Group Method of Data Handling, see Wikipedia.


GMDH Streamline

GMDH Streamline is one of the GMDH Software family’s product line.  It’s purpose is to take business activity data and provide: demand planning, inventory forecasting, and purchasing decisions.  It can connect to many different software platforms, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, etc,.  Now it can work with Fishbowl Inventory by using the MySQL Database engine as a connection for Sales and Item data.

GMDH Streamline forecasting example.

GMDH Streamline forecasting example.


When I came across GMDH Streamline I could really see the software’s potential in solving a rather difficult problem.  My company has developed purchasing and planning software for a variety of different businesses, and I’m ready to not build those types of software solutions because GMDH is a superior solution.

How to get started

I suggest watching the video to get a solid understanding of the software and what it can do for the Fishbowl Inventory market.

  1. Visit GMDH Homepage
    1. Signup for the free GMDH Software Download
    2. Download and install GMDH Streamline
    3. Register Streamline with the same email above.
  2. Signup for free ILC GMDH Streamline Workoboks
    1. Download the workbooks files
    2. Open the workbook files on your computer
  3. Connect to Fishbowl
    1. Open the “empty_fishbowl.gsl” file
    2. Navigate to File -> Change Connection -> Database Connection
      1. Edit the Host, Port, Database settings that will be pertinent to your System.
      2. Click on OK
    3. If the data does not appear try clicking on :
      File -> Update Data

      1. If you get further errors try setting up a phone call with our team.
        We can provide 15 minutes of consultation, but further help may require the support of your IT Staff / System Administrator.
    4. Enjoy GMDH Streamline!


GMDH Software Homepage
ILC GMDH Streamline Workbooks Signup List


How ILC can help

We can provide the following services:

  • Free 15m Walkthough of GMDH by our consultants
  • Paid Consulting for:
    • Data Quality and Management
    • Inventory Purchasing Strategy
    • Custom Import Applications into Fishbowl
    • Advanced Setup Support

Reach out at our contact us page or call at +1 949 201 1859.