Fishbowl 2016.13 – Unable to Export/Connect to QuickBooks Desktop

Fishbowl 2016.13 – Unable to Export/Connect to QuickBooks Desktop

Quick Post and Public Service Announcement.

Changes in Fishbowl 2016.13 causes some customers to have problems exporting to QuickBooks Desktop (any version).


  • Unable to Connect to QuickBooks
  • Unable to Find QuickBooks File
  • Unable to Export
  • Unable to Test Connection


  • QuickBooks unable to be opened
  • Secondary QuickBooks Window is opened instead of using existing window
  • Fishbowl cannot “see” open QuickBooks file

Basic Fix

  • End Task Fishbowl Nexus.exe on Fishbowl Server Computer
  • Open Fishbowl Nexus.exe in /Fishbowl/server/bin/ without Administrator Privileges
    • You can tell when this happens because it will not require a UAC Prompt [Dark Window with Prompt to Confirm launching application with Administrator Privileges]

Root Cause

  • Fishbowl Server.exe is now marked to require Administrator Rights
  • When exporting to QuickBooks Desktop, Fishbowl Nexus may be started by Fishbowl Server
  • If Nexus is started with Server as Administrator, Nexus is opened with Administrator rights
  • If QuickBooks is open with Non-Administrator rights, Nexus cannot communicate with QuickBooks
  • This is a security feature of Windows COM+

Long Term Fix

  • Put a shortcut to Fishbowl Nexus in the windows Startup Folder
  • This will cause Fishbowl Nexus to start normally, and able to see non Administrator QuickBooks applications.
  • Update to Fishbowl 2016.14
    • The new Build Released 11/10/2016