Adventures in Accounting – Where are your backups?

Adventures in Accounting – Where are your backups?


Photo Credit: kostiszaxaris1 via Compfight cc

Where are your backups?

Answer this for yourself right now. Go-on, this website will still be here. You know where they are? Good. Answer these other questions for yourself:

  • Where are your backups?
    • In the office, in the cloud, at a remote site? All three?
  • What are you backing up?
    • Business Documents?
    • QuickBooks?
    • Fishbowl?
    • Other databases?
    • Microsoft Active Directory?
  • What frequency?
    • Daily, Weekly, Monthly?
  • What is your retention?
    • A week, a month, a quarter, etc ?
    • or # of Backups?
  • How quickly can you access these backups?
    • Within the hour, or within the day?
  • Who do you need to contact to access the backups?
    • Your gamer nephew?
    • Your Managed Service Provider?
    • Your neighbor?
  • How granular can you restore files/data?
    • Entire backup?
    • Specific files?
    • Entire Virtual Machine?
  • Do you have the software to open the files once restored?
    • Is that under hardware locked-license?
    • Do you have the license keys?
    • Do you have the installers?
  • Do you have sufficient hardware to restore the data to?
    • No, your 10 year old server is not sufficient to run your 50-user filesharing/fishbowl/quickbooks.

So a week before my trip to Australia included some of these questions with a customer.  QuickBooks decided to crash with a Duplicate Name error, of which the QuickBooks Enterprise Team blamed the Virtual Machine for causing it/the reason for not supporting the installation.

After a few hours of coordinating with Accounting, the Managed Service Provider, we were able to restore service. I would say, dont call us for QuickBooks support; that is not what we are about.  However in a very expensive pinch, we might be able to figure something out.

Enjoy the week, it is a hot one here in Southern California.