Fishbowl Warehouse at 500 Miles Per Hour

Fishbowl Warehouse at 500 Miles Per Hour

Productivity in Hostile Environments

I recently returned from a short trip to Fishbowl USA in Orem Utah, as a follow up to my Fishbowl Australia trip in Brisbane Queensland. It was good to work with the two global teams and discuss where Fishbowl was headed.

As part of my meet-and-greet of the Fishbowl USA team, someone asked me along the lines of: "I'm sorry, but I'm new, what do you do?" I paused for a minute, because its an honest question, and I know I do a lot. Rather than rattle off a list of accomplishments, I just wanted to inspire rather than dictate. I said;

"I work on the hardest deployments and make Fishbowl Inventory better. If NASA wanted to run Fishbowl Warehouse on Mars I know how I could do it."

I really do want to push Fishbowl into markets that it yet has no presence in, I want to push into Africa, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Everywhere. However, Fishbowl is not yet ready for global markets. There more to do with Multi-Currency and Multi-Language improvements.

However, today I can work on improving real connectivity issues clients face in Australia specifically. While there I was asked to review a particular customer's Fishbowl deployment, because they were having trouble keeping their Perth office and Sydney database connected to Fishbowl Warehouse and Fishbowl Mobile Warehouse.

Fishbowl cannot solve all problems, if the connectivity is poor the application cant really fix that. Or can we?

Here is what I found

  1. Connections Drop for 3 Seconds
  2. Packets are sent and forever lost
  3. Intermittent high latency >200ms.

Part of my System Administrator guide I published last week speaks to these points, and sets limits to what original Fishbowl Warehouse can do. Everything above is beyond (in my opinon) the limits I have found.

Since then I have given Fishbowl strategies on how to address these points, but some of them will take time to implement. Rather than wait, I decided to lead as best as I could.

My goal is within 2015, to release a Resilient Fishbowl Mobile Warehouse solution, a Resilient Fishbowl Warehouse Client, and a Hardware Solution for Fishbowl Server. Additionally, I will be researching Fishbowl as a Service solutions for customers who prefer a cloud-managed experience.

Lofty goal, but I think we can accomplish it. Will we get to Mars? Probably not, but we can reach as far as a jet.

If you would also like to run Fishbowl Warehouse at 500 Miles Per Hour please let me know via the contact us page. 

Thanks and take care.

Ps. I really was going that quick.