Solution Discovery

When Growth Becomes Unimpeded…

You: A growing company who is feeling stuck. The bigger orders are starting to come in, but the production funnel and processes are clogging up. Your growth is stagnated, and you need a solution.

Us: Israel Lopez evaluates every area of your company, your plans, your growth potential, and where you want to be. We’ll assess what you have in place, where your strengths are, and what weaknesses need to be overcome. And then Israel presents a full solution, involving everything from technology (both software and hardware), logistical/process adjustments, and more. And you move forward.

There’s a critical turning point many growing companies reach. It’s when it becomes clear that “hey, it looks like we’re here to stay.” But as time moves on, the “old ways”, from software to internal processes to everything else, become more of an impediment than anything. But moving from individual spreadsheets and a binder full of handwritten instructions to an ERP system and internal servers is daunting. We’ll make it seamless.

With an outsider’s eye, and a skilled, reasoned demeanor, Israel Lopez Consulting helps Small and Medium businesses grow. Whether you have 5 employees or 50, the solutions you require are a simple phone call (or a click) away.

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