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Fishbowl Inventory: Business Intelligence in 2018

Fishbowl is the leading provider for manufacturing and inventory warehouse management among QuickBooks and Xero users. Fishbowl also works as your stand-alone solution for asset tracking and expedited reporting capabilities. It has the solution to turn your warehouse headache into a few simple clicks. The great thing about it is that Fishbowl offers many options […]

Adventures in SSL : TLS 1.2 & Klipfolio

SSL is the web technology that enables secure communication between computers. Its an intricate system with many different components that all work to prevent eavesdropping on communication.  It is technology used to enable secure banking, eCommerce, and regular communication. The basic idea is that you must trust both conversation participants to communicate securely, and if […]

Preparing for Fishbowl 2017

Preparing for Fishbowl 2017 Every new “year” release of Fishbowl has included some massive changes. This year is no different, and we have a big change to talk about: MySQL. Here is what is changing, in the following areas Infrastructure, Fixes, and Features. Changes Infrastructure Database Engine Changing from Firebird SQL to MySQL. See “What […]

Fishbowl 2017 Audit Table List

As of 2/6/2017 this is the Fishbowl Audit Table List, audit tables are suffixed with “_AUD” . For example, the Sales Order table is “SO” its Audit Table is “SO_AUD”.  When we have more information about using Audit Tables we will update this post with new information. Example Query: select * from so_aud Tables TABLE_NAME […]