Israel Lopez Consulting is owned and operated by Israel “Izzy” Lopez.Israel’s hallmark is his not only his technical acumen, but his wide-ranging skillset across business operations in general. He is a capable software professional who not only knows specialty software (Fishbowl Inventory, QuickBooks Pro, NetSuite, etc.), but also is highly experienced with ERP systems in general, custom programming, and very familiar with the logistical / supply-chain aspects of growing companies.Watches Rolex Breitling Watches Rolex ReplicaThis gives him a distinct advantage in helping you better streamline your processes, and make more revenue. To give an example, the inner workings of an ERP system have to function across multiple departments and processes. It’s not just ordering and inventory, but could include labeling, barcoding, shipping, and a host of other processes. So someone who truly understands that is paramount. Add in custom reporting, and the “rules” imposed by outside entities (UPS, FedEx, Business partners, etc), and you have a myriad of issues.And Israel can handle them all (even if it means custom coding a solution.)While you can call on Israel for anything, our services are broken down into three general areas:
  • Solution Discovery – Also called “Strategic IT”, we’ll figure out where you want to go, and how technology can help you get there, while overcoming the obstacles holding your company back.
  • ERP Implementation – Let’s choose the best software for you (Fishbowl Inventory, NetSuite, QuickBooks, etc.) and get it working. Or, if you already have a specific platform and need help making it work, well, that’s us as well.
  • Custom Software – The optimal solution may not be out of a box. Or even if it is, the out of the box solution may need bridging to your legacy systems. We shine here.
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Corporate Responsibility

Israel Lopez Consulting believes in not only doing the right thing, but giving back as well. This is why Israel devotes time to Engineers Without Borders as both a technology lead and an IT Coordinator, helping educators and students in Juticalpa, Olancho, Honduras better utilize technology for more effective learning.

Meet Israel

When not working, Israel enjoys spending time with his family, and is an avid car buff and snowboarder. But he’s also a classic Technology Tinkerer, and spends probably far too much time coding (Java, C#, and assorted other languages), fiddling with other technology (both digital and analog), answering tech questions on StackOverflow, and similar.Have a question for Israel? No problem – contact him here.