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Fishbowl 2017 – ILC Software Compatability List

Below will be an up to date list of ILC software that is ready for Fishbowl 2017. Please contact us if you have questions about your upgrade plans, or software. Beep1 Status: Planned Complete by end of February 2017. KExtract Status: Complete. ShipWorks Integration Status: Rewrite required. Planned Complete by end of February 2017. ShipRush Integration […]

Preparing for Fishbowl 2017

Preparing for Fishbowl 2017 Every new “year” release of Fishbowl has included some massive changes. This year is no different, and we have a big change to talk about: MySQL. Here is what is changing, in the following areas Infrastructure, Fixes, and Features. Changes Infrastructure Database Engine Changing from Firebird SQL to MySQL. See “What […]

Our Upgrade Policy on Fishbowl 2017 Integrations

Upgrade Policy for Fishbowl 2017 Integrations Fishbowl 2017 will be released on February 9th 2017. Customers with existing Integrations or Custom Software will need review this policy to understand our position on their Integrations. Limitations When we offer software solutions, we design using the information we have at the time, including Fishbowl’s roadmap. In our […]

Fishbowl 2017 Audit Table List

As of 2/6/2017 this is the Fishbowl Audit Table List, audit tables are suffixed with “_AUD” . For example, the Sales Order table is “SO” its Audit Table is “SO_AUD”.  When we have more information about using Audit Tables we will update this post with new information. Example Query: select * from so_aud Tables TABLE_NAME […]